Through our community programs, Centro has provided community service since 1975 focused on increased individual and family self-reliance in Utah. Recognized for their holistic approach, Centro’s programs continue to have a measurable and systemic impact throughout the neediest youth, adult, and family communities along the Wasatch Front.

"Centro has been one of the most dedicated program providers we have worked with over the years. They are sincerely committed to our community and build authentic relationships with our families.”
- Keri Taddie, Glendale-Mountain View Community Learning Center Coordinator

These programs are set apart by the extraordinary high participant attendance and retention rates of 95% to 100%. The community continues to request extended and renewed community programs from Centro. We are proud of this legacy, of our professional staff, and of course, all our graduates!

Centro operates five community programs throughout the state of Utah.

Family Programs

Nuevo Día Girls & Nuevo Día Boys

Nuevo Día is an after-school program targeting Hispanic youth ages 9-12 from at-risk backgrounds, and their parents. This six-month program includes a preventive curriculum which establishes life-skills training and increases parent-child communication to minimize the risks of gang participation. This program operates twice a year.

Youth Programs

Early Escalera

In partnership with UnidosUS, Early Escalera is a two-year program that serves a cohort of 9th graders during the 2020-2021 academic year and carries the same group of 25 students through the 10th-grade year in high school.

The program seeks to provide opportunities for youth to develop academic, foundational skills, and career awareness. The cultural competencies include development and exploration in leadership, career, and education with a lens on the student as an individual; a member of the surrounding and/or Latino community; and, an inhabitant of the country.

Safe Dates

Sponsored by the Utah Health Department, Safe Dates provides students 13 to 18 years of age with the tools and knowledge necessary to have healthy relationships as well as to recognize and know what steps to take when relationships are abusive.

Adult Programs

Plazas Comunitarias

Funded in part by the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (IME), this adult education program gives adults a second chance to complete their elementary and secondary education. The Plazas Comunitarias course is offered to all native Spanish-speakers who would like to receive their elementary education certificates in order to move on to receive their GEDs and higher education.

Ventanilla de Orientación Educativa/Education Window (VOE)

This year-round program sponsored by the Mexican government and run by Centro provides individualized consultations and referrals to quality educational services throughout Utah and Mexico. Participants also receive assistance in completing educational applications, applying for financial aid, and are able to access developmental screenings and referrals for children.

Looking for Help? - Necesita Ayuda?

Centro offers a variety of Head Start programs with different enrollment qualifications. Our dedicated Family Service Specialists will work personally to understand your family’s needs and identify the best enrollment options. To speak to a Family Service Specialist please call our offices at 801-521–4473 or email us at Se habla español.