Centro recognized for CDA Initiative

Centro recognized by the Council for Professional Recognition, for proctoring a high number of Child Development Associates (CDA’s) in the community.

Training for 100+ Spanish Speaking Attendees, 34 New CDAs in Utah

Centro de la Familia de Utah, an organization dedicated to helping and empowering Latinos, hosted a Parent Engagement Day to share child development expertise with parents in their Utah community. Centro de la Familia also works closely with CDA candidates in their communities and helps to mentor and guide them through the credential process.

Vilma M. Williams, senior manager of the Multilingual and Special Programs at the Council, who was one of the keynote speakers and presented sessions in Spanish, offered an overview of the CDA National Credentialing Program, the importance of parent engagement in the education of their young children, and provided her expert advice on child development.

This outreach is especially significant for the Council, because collaborating with multilingual populations is part of our mission to bring awareness about the CDA credential and its potential to make quality education more accessible to children and their families, including those living in rural and migrant communities.

"It was rewarding to receive such great feedback from this audience comprised of early educators, parents, administrators, directors, and many other early childhood professionals who are very interested in the CDA credential and how it can serve as the first important step in the careers of early childhood professionals," Williams said. "The assistant teachers working in early education settings were especially interested in learning more about how they can earn a CDA credential."

At the event, Williams had the opportunity to chat with a group of 34 recently awarded CDA holders, who worked one-on-one with the Centro de la Familia's staff which provided them with individualized guidance and mentorship throughout their preparation and assessment process.

Two of the newest members of the CDA community, Mercedes Jessup and Jeni Bird, who received Special Accommodations for their CDA exam, successfully completed the credential process and are able to use this expertise as they continue providing high quality early education to children under their care.

The Council would like to recognize the hard work of Centro de la Familia CEO Gonzalo Palza, Alberta Loosle, education manager, Patty Scott, education specialist Early Head Start/Child Care partnership, Kaleb Call, Early Head Start/Child Care partnership director leading the work of the CDA Mentor Team: Erika de Luna, Rosie Diaz, Ivan Garcia and Carol Trillia; and their teacher/mentors Raquel Gaisford, Rayo Lopez and Flor Villatoro.

We're so proud of Centro de la Familia's work and look forward to continuing to learn about their future successes in the early education field!