Lara O Linares

Utah North Area Center Support Specialist

Born in Ecuador Lara came to the United States 22 years ago to continue her education.  She now has two M.S. degrees in Vocational Rehabilitation and Counseling and Human Resource Management with a minor in Family and Human Development from Utah State University. She also holds a B.S. in Tourism and Business Administration from Ecuador. 

She has worked with two Head Start grantees over the past 13 years in various positions such as; teacher assistant, family advocate, service coordinator for the PIRC (Parent Information and Resource Center), Disabilities Specialist, and Disabilities Manager. Currently, Lara works as the Utah North Area Center Support Specialist.  She is also currently working for “The Family Place” as a Spanish Family Educator.

Previously she worked at Utah State University as a Research Assistant at the Early Intervention Research Institute (EIRI) – USU for 8 years in different projects and as a Service Coordinator for persons with disabilities.

Through this extensive experience, she has gained a proven ability to work with diverse populations.  She is a multitasker, compassionate, able to communicate well in both English and Spanish and is especially interested in serving the growing ethnically diverse community.