LeGrand Richins

Chief Financial Officer

LeGrand has now worked for Centro for more than two years.  Prior to Centro, Legrand worked as a controller at the Utah Opera Company for 20 years and at Utah Community Action Program for another 13 years. All together Legrand has over 16 years of Head Start experience and oversees all of Centro’s fiscal activity. 

In addition to his passion for helping children, he has a longstanding love for music that began in the fifth grade when he started playing the trombone. He still plays to this day and loves to perform when given the chance!  He attended BYU-Provo and later graduated with a BS degree in accounting from BYU-Hawaii.  He married Ruthie Robinson while attending school and is the father of six children and six grandchildren.  He enjoys farming, gardening, traveling, and feels lucky to be alive after surviving a rabid bat bite many years ago.