• CEO and Head Start Director
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.0535

  • Education Director/Southern Area Manager
    Genola Center

    email - 801.503.0545

  • ERSEA Director/Utah North Area Manager
    Box Elder Center

    email - 385.301.2276

  • Chief Financial Officer
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.0525


  • Diana Arellano

    Diana Arellano

    Family Partnership Specialist
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.0559

  • Diana Mae Violante

    Diana Mae Violante

    Health and Nutrition Senior Specialist
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 925-482-7662


  • Edith Urbina

    Edith Urbina

    Human Resources Specialist
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.0526

  • Esthefany Aguilar

    Esthefany Aguilar

    Family Community Partnership and Disabilities Manager
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.0527

  • Euleta Christiansen

    Euleta Christiansen

    Senior Program Specialist
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 435.262.7890

  • Imer Desena

    Imer Desena

    Senior IT Support Specialist
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 385.630.7147

  • Javier Campos

    Javier Campos

    Senior Community Program Specialist
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.0542

  • Kathy Carnes

    Kathy Carnes

    Facilities Health and Safety Specialist
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 435.979.3427

  • Lara O Linares

    Lara O Linares

    Utah North Area Center Support Specialist
    Providence Center

    email - 435.754.3725

  • Laura L. Torres

    Laura L. Torres

    Human Resources Specialist
    Box Elder Center

    email - 801.503.0538

  • LeGrand Richins

    LeGrand Richins

    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.0552

  • Lisa Morgan

    Lisa Morgan

    Utah South Area Center Support Specialist

    email - 435.580.5080


  • Mirza Hernandez

    Mirza Hernandez

    Accounting Manager
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.0537

  • Nurian Cuellar

    Nurian Cuellar

    Early Childhood Education Coach
    Providence Center

    email - 435.232.5221

  • Pascaline Njouwou

    Pascaline Njouwou

    Executive Assistant for HR, Professional Development, and Grants Management
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.2509

  • Rhett Holyoak

    Rhett Holyoak

    Transportation Manager
    Genola Center

    email - 435.262.2568

  • Teri Peters

    Teri Peters

    Program Design and Monitoring Manager
    Centro Headquarters

    email - 801.503.0531

  • Transportation and Facilities Assistant

    Transportation and Facilities Assistant

    Under the direction of the Transportation & Facilities Manager and Area Manager, supports the management of the transportation and facilities components for the centers, assist in running all aspects of the transportation, maintenance, and safety component areas of the centers in accordance with the Head Start Act, Head Start Performance Standards, applicable laws and regulations, state licensing guidelines, and national best practices.
    Qualifications: High School diploma with some college highly preferred. Some experience with facilities and transportation management. Experience with working with and following federal guidelines. Class B CDL with school bus, passenger and air brake endorsements highly preferred, will train right candidate, expected within 60 days.

    Number of Vacancies: 1    Pay wage range: $14.73-$19.87  Benefits: Medical Plan, Dental/Vision Plan, Accidental/Critical Illness plan, Life Insurance, PTO and Holiday Pay.

    Location: Salt Lake City 


  • Crystal Garcia Becenti

    Crystal Garcia Becenti

    Family Partnership Manager
    Colorado Main Office

    email - 970.822.8606


  • Deanna Brown

    Deanna Brown

    HR Specialist
    Colorado Main Office

    email - 970.822.8641



  • Deanne Wooldridge

    Deanne Wooldridge

    HR Specialist
    Colorado Main Office (Colvada Migrant)

    email - 970.200.8103



  • Felice Daniels

    Felice Daniels

    Health and Nutrition Manager
    Colorado Main Office

    email - 970.822.8643



  • Greta David

    Greta David

    Education Manager
    Colorado Main Office

    email - 970.822.8619‬


  • Maria Cruz

    Maria Cruz

    Center Support Specialist
    Greeley Center

    email - 970.200.8102


  • Melinda Castillo

    Melinda Castillo

    Center Support Specialist
    Grand Junction Center

    email - 970.200.8101


  • Stormy Killpack

    Stormy Killpack

    Colorado Area Manager
    Colorado Main Office

    email - 970.822.8607


  • Maria Trujillo

    Maria Trujillo

    Center Support Specialist
    Fallon Center